MSI NVidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti VENTUS 3X 8G OC Video Card


  • Core / Memory – Boost Clock / Memory Speed – 1800 MHz 19 Gbps 8GB GDDR6X
  • TORX Fan 3.0: The award-winning MSI TORX Fan 3.0 design creates high static pressure and pushes the limits of thermal performance
  • Metal backplate – Premium metal backplate provides a nice visual finish to the card. It also strengthens the card and thanks to some cleverly place thermal pads even helps to keep the temperature low
  • Core Pipe – Precision-crafted heat pipes ensure max contact to the GPU and spread heat along the full length of the heatsink
  • MSI Center – The exclusive MSI Center software lets you monitor, tweak, and optimize MSI products in real-time

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Dimensions 40 × 25 × 8 cm


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